We work with taste!

Cresco Produce is the latest offering by Cresco World Trading Ltd.

With Cresco Produce we aim to offer the very best in fresh produce from around the world. Our expat team has been based in South East Asia for a combined 20 years and has strong ties throughout the region and its farms. This rare combination enables us to offer a western approach with the benefits of local knowledge, contacts, cultural understanding and preferred pricing.

We find tailored solutions to suit your needs and requirements, always focusing on the best quality produce to meet your expectations and needs.

We value the tradition of growing vegetables and fruits

Our team’s background is primarily in shipping and logistics, ensuring that we streamline the process and get the products from the source to the client as quickly and efficiently as possible. This speed increases shelf life and helps to offer a better quality product. We have a unique relationship with one of the region’s best freight forwarding agents, that we work closely with to enable us to offer a unique collaboration and service.